TGB3 is a Joint Venture Between Apprio and AFC
TGB3 is a SBA approved Joint Venture
between AFC and Apprio Inc.

As the incumbent prime contractor on the TSSC, Apprio has created as a joint venture (JV) with Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) experienced company, AFC, to bridge the past with the future of training support at CDP. The resulting JV is TGB3 Enterprises.

The TGB3 team brings a decade of continuous experience delivering training support at the CDP, as well as the knowledge of current operations, and a cohesive team of experienced incumbent staff.

TGB3 Provides CDP with:

A Track Record of Identifying and Developing Innovations
to save our clients’ money, reduce errors, increase safety, and respond with flexibility during times of work surges and growth
Service Continuity
Without Risk

through a team that has successfully and seamlessly transitioned the TSSC twice already
Unparalleled legacy experience
including 10 years providing training support at CDP
Excellence in Preparedness, Response, and Resilience
demonstrated through decades of experience supporting the FEMA mission

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